My New Fall Palette

First and foremost I have to thank two lovely ladies that work for Mac at Plaza Frontenac.  Hoda and Lindsay are two, of many, of my favorites who work there.  They're always pushing me to try new things or products in this case.  Here it is lovelies!  I am calling this the Fall Jess Boheim Palette; created with Mac eye shadows. 


Some of these colors like Ruddy (red shadow) and Coppering (copper shadow); might steer away your average makeup consumer.  Thankfully in this case; I am not that.  I was pondering, "With my red hair and fair skin, why didn't I think of using these sooner?"  

This palette consists of red's, copper's, brown's, gold's and violet shades.  These hues are perfect for the new season of fall that is quickly approaching.  It also contains some basic matte color's like blanc type, nylon (shimmer), soft brown, wedge, esspresso, emark and carbon.  Those are all great eye shadow colors that will help you achieve any natural, smokey or glad eye look.  

I will attach a picture to show you the look I first did with the bold color, Ruddy.  Lesson here: Don't be afraid to try new things!

Until next time, xoxo.


My Wand of Choice.

Here it is Lovelies...

I absolutely love my wand by Paul Mitchell!  The PM Unclipped Wand comes with three interchangeable ceramic barrels that allows you to create natural-like curls, loose waves and ringlets.  The wand heats up to 410 degrees in seconds.  I love that it's 3 in 1; this makes for quick changes and less cords for when I am working bridal or onset.  My absolute favorite one is the 1 inch barrel.  That is the curl you see me rock in my previous post!


Let me know what your favorite hot tool is right now!